Hello and Welcome to Blue Opal Spa!

This is a place that truly reflects my intentions to offer a supportive atmosphere for self-healing and self-care. I have created a friendly, warm and inviting space where people can take time out of their day to come in and relax and to really tune in to their own 'self'. My continuous hope is that when people enter Blue Opal Spa, they feel the energetic support of a cozy, safe, happy and serene place.


I believe that everyone can choose to be abundantly blessed in all things that we experience in this life. However, I think this is especially true when we can make a focused effort to create opportunities within each day to nourish our physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of 'self', through self-care, self-love and self-healing.

Here, in this modest yet soothing and relaxing studio, you can take time to slow down and enjoy receiving beauty and wellness treatments in a genuinely pleasant and professional environment.

I pray that everyone who visits Blue Opal Spa can simply relax and feel good while they are here, and carry that feel-good energy with them and let it flow throughout the rest of their day.